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Nibbler tested a sample of 5 pages from this website at 15:29 on 27 Jun 2017 (BST).

Top priorities for website improvement

  • Add meaningful anchor text that describes the link's destination. If the link contains an image, ensure you have provided alt text. (read more)
  • Resolve the validation errors that are listed in the table below. These errors are preventing this website from being fully W3C compliant. The table shows the first 100 errors only. (read more)
  • Check how the website looks using a mobile and a tablet. Consider adding mobile-only styling using media queries. Some websites employ other techniques for mobile visitors which we cannot currently detect. (read more)


0% of pages are optimised for printing

Media specific CSS detected

MediaMin widthMax widthCSS file

Facebook page0.0

This website does not appear to be associated with a Facebook page.

  • This website was found to contain some links to Facebook, but none appear to be public Facebook pages associated with this website.
    • Sign up for a Facebook page and make sure it is linked to from your site, or if you already have one make sure it is public.

Source: Facebook


This website does not appear to be associated with a Twitter account.

  • This website did not contain a link to Twitter.
    • Sign up for a Twitter account and make sure it is linked to from your site.

Code quality1.8

XHTML Mobile 1.0

NoW3C Compliant

W3C Testing Results

PageErrorsWarningsDoctypeValidW3C Link Mobile 1.0InvalidSee more Mobile 1.0InvalidSee more Mobile 1.0InvalidSee more Mobile 1.0InvalidSee more Mobile 1.0InvalidSee more


3 Most popular website in the world

This website recently saw a significant increase in popularity.

  • This is the 3 most popular website in the world.
  • Over the past 3 months, this website has experienced a significant increase in popularity.
  • This website accounts for 1.2% of the Internet traffic to and its subdomains.

Source: Alexa


Mobile screenshot of m.facebook.comTablet screenshot of
  • None of this website appears to be fully optimised for viewing on a mobile or tablet (using CSS media queries). It is important to make sure your content can be viewed easily across a wide range of devices as a growing percentage of web browsing is now done on phones and tablets.

Media specific CSS detected

MediaMin widthMax widthCSS file

URL format4.8

  • 4 URLs are 'dirty'. 'Dirty' URLs include one or more parameters after a question mark (e.g., instead of a clean URL (e.g. Dirty URLs should generally be avoided wherever possible - they are almost impossible for human beings to remember, may expose the technology of the website to hackers and can confuse search engines among other problems. Their use is sometimes necessary for specific applications, and acceptable in small amounts.
  • 1 URLs include a file extension.
    • Avoid use of file extensions wherever possible. File extensions appear at the end of web addresses, and have several negative effects. They make the address harder to remember or type (particularly for non-technical users), and can reveal the underlying technology of the website making it very slightly more vulnerable to hackers. They also tie the implementation of the website to a specific technology, which can make subsequent migration of URLs difficult. Consider URL rewriting as an effective and transparent means of creating appropriate URLs.
  • 100.0% of URLs include an ID query parameter (e.g.
    • Avoid use of any query parameter ending in id, e.g. 'sessionid;' Google explicitly states that it will not include pages with this format in their index. Consider URL rewriting as an effective and transparent means of creating appropriate URLs.

Amount of content6.2

Rendering Chart...

  • This website has an average of 183 words per page. The amount of content on a website has been shown to correlate with its search engine ranking.
    • Consider the amount of text on this website and increase it if appropriate.

Meta tags6.8

This is how this website will look in Google search listings:

Facebook - Log In or Sign Up

Create an account or log into Facebook. Connect with friends, family and other people you know. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates.

  • All pages include at least some metadata, but only 60.0% of pages have a description meta tag. The description meta data is important as it appears on Google's search result pages.

Meta Tags (name attribute)

Page URLNameContent,initial-scale=1,maximum-scale=1 an account or log into Facebook. Connect with friends, family and other people you know. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates.,initial-scale=1,maximum-scale=1 up for Facebook and find your friends. Create an account to start sharing photos and updates with people you know. It's easy to register.,initial-scale=1,maximum-scale=1 into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know.,initial-scale=1,maximum-scale=1, nofollow,initial-scale=1,maximum-scale=1

Server behaviour8.5

Yes404 page


  • This website handles missing pages correctly by sending a 404 HTTP status code.
  • This website was served with GZIP encoding. This is very good because it reduces the loading time of a web page.
  • 3 of the pages of this website return page content with or without a trailing slash on their URLs. Search engines might see these as separate pages with duplicate content which they could penalise for.
  • One page of this website returns page content with or without a trailing slash on its URL, but it uses a canonical tag to denote the correct versions. This is usually ideal, as search engines will know which version to index, but there are links on this website which point to the non canonical version.
  • This test is not applicable as this website appears to be on a subdomain.

Domain age10.0

This domain was registered March 29, 1997

This domain expires March 29, 2025

  • The domain name was registered on Saturday, 29 March 1997. Because this domain was registered a long time ago, it is likely that pages on this website will appear higher in search engine rankings than those from younger websites.


100% of images have a clearly defined size

No images are being resized by the browser

  • All images have defined sizes using width and height attributes in the HTML. These attributes are optional, but strongly recommended as they help the browser arrange the page more quickly.


100% of pages use analytics

Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics

  • Every page in this website is using Google Analytics. This is excellent and should allow for a complete analysis of visitor behaviour.

Social interest10.0

Rendering Chart...

  • We found 235,432,051 Facebook likes and 1,217,233 Google +1s for the 5 pages we tested.

Sources: Google+, Facebook


af-soomaali afrikaans arabic azerbaijani bahasa basque belgi brasil brazil canada catal china chinese corsican corsu croatian cymraeg danish dansk deutsch dili dutch eesti english espa estonian euskara facebook faroese filipino fran france french frisian frysk gaeilge galego galician german guarani hausa hindi hrvatski ikinyarwanda indonesia irish italian italiano japanese kinyarwanda korean kurdish malagasy melayu nederlands norsk norwegian nynorsk portugal portugu portuguese rbaycan royskt simplified sloven somali spain spanish traditional welsh

  • All pages were found to use defined headings. This is excellent as it allows visitors and search engines to summarise the content of webpages quickly. Correctly defined headings aid accessibility and are particularly important for search engine optimisation.

Page headings detail

URLHeadingLevel (US)H3ñolH3çais (France)H3 (France)H3中文(简体)H3 Chinese (China)H3العربيةH3ês (Brasil)H3 (Brazil)H3한국어H3हिन्दीH3ərbaycan diliH3 IndonesiaH3 MelayuH3 JawaH3àH3ČeštinaH3 (UK)H3 (UK)H3ñol (España)H3 (Spain)H3øroysktH3çais (Canada)H3 (Canada)H3ÍslenskaH3î (Kurmancî)H3 (Kurmanji)H3šuH3ųH3 (België)H3 (België)H3 (bokmål)H3 (bokmal)H3 (nynorsk)H3 (nynorsk)H3'zbekH3ês (Portugal)H3 (Portugal)H3ânăH3ślōnskŏ gŏdkaH3činaH3ščinaH3ếng ViệtH3ürkçeH3ΕλληνικάH3БеларускаяH3БългарскиH3ҚазақшаH3МакедонскиH3МонголH3РусскийH3СрпскиH3ТоҷикӣH3УкраїнськаH3ქართულიH3ՀայերենH3עבריתH3اردوH3پښتوH3فارسیH3کوردیی ناوەندیH3 KurdishH3ⵜⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖⵜH3አማርኛH3नेपालीH3मराठीH3অসমীয়াH3বাংলাH3ਪੰਜਾਬੀH3ગુજરાતીH3ଓଡ଼ିଆH3தமிழ்H3తెలుగుH3ಕನ್ನಡH3മലയാളംH3සිංහලH3ภาษาไทยH3ພາສາລາວH3မြန်မာဘာသာH3ភាសាខ្មែរH3中文(台灣)H3 Chinese (Taiwan)H3中文(香港)H3 Chinese (Hong Kong)H3日本語H3日本語(関西)H3 (Kansai)H3

Page titles10.0

100% of pages have defined titles

0% of page titles are weak

  • All pages were found to use page titles appropriately. Page titles appear in search results and at the top of the browser's window when visiting the site. Appropriate page titles are particularly important for search engine optimisation.


  • Sorry, we couldn't determine when this website was last updated. This is usually because its web server isn't reporting this information and we couldn't find enough other dates in the content of pages.

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