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academy also awareness best case century certifications children classes classroom communication concepts confidence corporate critical early every experience expert feedback future global harvard have history india just knowledge lateral leadership learn learning level levels life literacy make master method more most music parents problem program qualified real real-world skills smart solving steps students studies study subject subjects success their them think thinking through topics user week weekly weeks world your

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URLHeadingLevel ExperienceH1 ExperienceH1 LearningH1's first and onlyH2 4C SkillsH3 and skills that build long-term confidenceH3 CONFIDENCEH3 for every child, everywhere!H3't believe it?H3's what Parents have to say!H3 program!H3 daughter loves Early Steps Academy. I see her confidence grow, not only in speaking and thinking, but also in everyday activities. An excellent program! Highly recommend to all parents.  H3, USAH3! Amazing!H3 my elder daughter (15-yr old) joined. We loved it so much that we enrolled our 9-yr old too.  The case study classes are unique and amazing!7 months in, my daughters continue to enjoy learning at Early Steps.H3, IndiaH3 recommend!H3 knowledge and skills that the case study classes teach are not available anywhere else. It is a compulsory program for every child. Highly recommend this to all parents!H3, MalaysiaH3 Framework for SuccessH3 not convinced?H3 it from the students directlyH3"I have become smarter"H3 eagerly wait for every week's case study.   The challenges are new to me, they are fun to work on through the preparation and during the classes. I My friends tell me that I have become smarter"  H3 9, USAH3"I mastered how to think fast."H3 DevAge 16, IndiaH3 Steps is much more fun than school. It helped me master how to think fast. I started feeling more confident in just 4 weeks. I am in my 24th week right now and I am amazed how the program is just getting better with time. "  H3 and Structured ThinkingH5 in EnglishH5 AttitudeH5 ExperienceH1 ExperienceH1 the Case-Study Method?H5 case study method, pioneered at Harvard, is known to develop higher-order cognitive learning skills and help students master not just the concepts, but also the skills of critical  thinking, real-world problem solving and powerful communication.H5 open-ended real world problems presented in the case studies, students not just gain infinite real-world knowledge and confidence, but are also able to connect core concepts to their lives.Since all our cases are based on  real world challenges that students encounter in the news and in the world around them, the case study live online classes make learning relevent (useful) and engaging (fun!).H5 education venture to have an R&D team!H5 our case study research and development (R&D) team, we develop the world’s best case studies for children to maximize learning outcomesH5 old proven Case-study method, pioneered at HarvardH5 Higher Retention and understanding of core subject conceptsH5 Higher Cognitive Learning SkillsH5 Critical ThinkingH5 complex real-world problem solving abilitiesH5 rise in Confidence in communicationH5 every subject through the case study method, pioneered at Harvard!H5, participatory, discussion-based way of learning where students gain skills in critical thinking, real-world problem solving, and powerful communicationH5 ExperienceH1 ExperienceH1 and CompanyH2 for IndiaH2 Continents, 10 CountriesH2, UK, EU, AsiaH2 Business SchoolH2 KharagpurH2 Our MentorsH2 products, AIH2, Case InterviewsH2 Thinking, AI, CodingH2 Policy, EconomicsH2, Case InterviewsH2 Health (Neurology)H2, InvestingH2, Case InterviewsH2 learnings fromH2 leadership insights fromH2 among theH3 Startup IdeasH3 Harvard and MITH3's StoryH5, an IIT and Harvard graduate, grew up in Jamshedpur, a small town in Eastern India.  She credits the 200+ awards that she won in debates and international competitions to her monther's push to make her read books, follow the news, and to frequently talk in front of people in different situations. While these early experiences helped her achieve success in global settings, it deeply disturbed her that globally many of her brilliant friends could not find great jobs or stagnated in their careers.H5, Founder of Early Steps Academy, speaking at a UNICEF conference at age 10H5 across USA, Africa, London and India, Sneha saw that smart people who lacked the training or knowledge to think and communicate confidently found it difficult to navigate in the real world, ultimately not reaching their full potential. With this pain in her heart and a desire to make education relevant (useful) and engaging (fun!), she started Early Steps Academy.H5 Early Steps Academy ImpactH5 minutes of LearningH5 StoriesH5 by the bestH5 CEO and CTO ofH5 ExperienceH1 ExperienceH1 Case Studies from across the world to your kids.H2 Parents Say!H2 to see what happens at Early Steps Academy?H2 Steps Academy is Compulsary EducationH2's what the students have to sayH2 ExperienceH1 ExperienceH1 8 - 12H1 13 - 18H1 750H1 offH1 500H1 25H1 750H1 offH1 500H1 25H1 1350H1 offH1 792H1 22H1 1350H1 offH1 792H1 22H1 1950H1 offH1 1040H1 20H1 1950H1 offH1 1040H1 20H1 that translate into Skills!H2 days of research to bring the case-study method to students as young as 8-18 years old to teach 1000+ real-world subjects and skills of the 21st century.H2’s the Learning CurveH2 learning curve at Early Steps Academy is a fun journey for all students. They get the knowledge and skills that gives them an edge in the real worldH2 a future entrepreneur in your child? This program will not just allow children to learn from life of experts (e.g. CEO of Uber, author of Harry Potter), but also give them the skills of collaboration and problem solvingH2 in the 21st centuryH2 & Speak ChallengeH2 your children learn about global businesses and current affairs. Time to pump up their general knowledge (GK), communication and thinking skills by learning, thinking, debating on topics from Amazon to Netflix.H2 lifeH2 matters: A smartness challengeH2 your children understand the value of money? Introduce them to the origin of money, banking systems, credit cards to modern currencies such as Crypto. Children learn about saving, spending carefully and the mathematics of compounding. Champs learn about advanced concepts such as debt, equity, corporate frauds, IPO and more.Rated as the most informative program, this extremely fun level is for smart kids who love to be challenged.H2 history, politics & DramaH2, Trump or Modi? Do your children read and understand the news? Help them understand and confidently communicate about real world matters such as why the queen owns all the swans in England, why every country has a slightly different type of government and why do they sometimes don't get along. Learn to think and communicate like leaders. H2 future of Music, Games & Smart CitiesH2 your children know how the 200 billion dollar market of AR/VR is revolutinizing music, gaming and building of smart cities globally?Rated as the most fun program, here children understandy about Augmented and Virtual Reality in the context of real-world. From concepts in stimulating live and mediated music experiences via the Predictive Coding hypothesis of the brain, building Google Maps, PokemonGo, Batman Arkham VR, Harry Potter Wizards Unite and more, this level is for the champions of the champions.H2 20,000 per userH2 1, 2, 3H2 KnowledgeH2 to Entrepreneurship, Space, Climate, Cryptocurrencies, NFT and other 21st Century SubjectsH2 Century SkillsH2 Thinking, Communication, Real-world Problem Solving, Media LiteracyH2 SkillsH2, Comprehension, Data AnalysisH2 Global CertificationsH2 FeedbackH2 20,000 per userH2 1, 2, 3H2 KnowledgeH2 Entrepreneurship, Bioengineering, Space, Sustainability and other 21st century subjectsH2 Century SkillsH2 Thinking, Powerful Communication, Problem Solving, Ethical Debating, Media AwarenessH2 SkillsH2, Scientific ThinkingH2 Global CertificationsH2 FeedbackH2 20,000 per userH2 PopularH2 + Levels 4, 5H2 KnowledgeH2 Important topics in Basics of Finance, Mental Health and 21st Century Global Life SkillsH2 Century SkillsH2 Thinking, ICT, Self Direction, Initiative, Information and Financial LiteracyH2 SkillsH2 Tools & Skills, Hardware & Software SkillsH2 Global CertificationsH2 FeedbackH2 Classroom QualifiedH2 20,000 per userH2 PopularH2 + Levels 4, 5H2 KnowledgeH2 Global Knowledge in Advanced Finance, Mental Health and Adult Life SkillsH2 Century SkillsH2 Awareness, Quick Thinking, Complex Problem Solving, Collaborative Decision MakingH2 SkillsH2, Management Skills, MathematicsH2 Global CertificationsH2 FeedbackH2 Classroom QualifiedH2 20,000 per userH2 ValueH2 + Levels 6, 7H2 KnowledgeH2 + MASTER + Global Culture and Awareness, Techno Future of Music and GamesH2 Century SkillsH2, Lightening Thinking, Multi-party Negotiation, Interdisciplinary Conversations, Scientific LiteracyH2 SkillsH2 World Application Skills in History, Science and GeographyH2 Global CertificationsH2 FeedbackH2 Classroom QualifiedH2 Global Mentor MeetingsH2 Bumper RewardH2 20,000 per userH2 ValueH2 + Levels 6, 7H2 KnowledgeH2 + MASTER + Controversial Global Issues, AR/VR and Predictive Coding in Music, Games and TravelH2 Century SkillsH2, Collaboration, Structured Thinking, Social and Cultural Awareness, Civic Literacy, LeadershipH2 SkillsH2 History for Decision Making, Building Future ProductsH2 Global CertificationsH2 FeedbackH2 Classroom QualifiedH2 Global Mentor MeetingsH2 Bumper RewardH2’s best case studies for children developed through extensive research by the R&D team at Early Steps AcademyH3


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Page URLNameContent, initial-scale=1 Website Builder your kids 1000+ essential subjects in live online classes through the Case Study method, pioneered at Harvard brought to you by Early Steps Academy. Century Live Classes | Early Steps Academy online classes to teach 1000+ essential 21st-century subjects and skills through the case-study method, pioneered at Harvard, to students in ages 8-18.,h_1210,al_c/d2bdf4_9b3a3796ee7841648c31f324866a7ff7~mv2.png, initial-scale=1 Website Builder is this Case-Based method used by the top firms globally? Learn more about how this can give your child the edge. Method | Early Steps Academy is this Case-Based method used by the top firms globally? Learn more about how this can give your child the edge.,h_1210,al_c/d2bdf4_9b3a3796ee7841648c31f324866a7ff7~mv2.png, initial-scale=1 Website Builder more about the exciting team that brings to you the Case-Study method of Harvard. Us | Early Steps Academy more about the exciting team that brings to you the Case-Study method of Harvard.,h_1210,al_c/d2bdf4_9b3a3796ee7841648c31f324866a7ff7~mv2.png, initial-scale=1 Website Builder out what happens inside Early Steps Academy. An online class curriculum developed by Harvard/IIT alumni that teaches children 1000+ real-world subjects and 21st-century skills to think and talk about them confidently. Subjects include entrepreneurship, crypto, space, and more. | Early Steps Academy out what happens inside Early Steps Academy. An online class curriculum developed by Harvard/IIT alumni that teaches children 1000+ real-world subjects and 21st-century skills to think and talk about them confidently. Subjects include entrepreneurship, crypto, space, and more.,h_1210,al_c/d2bdf4_9b3a3796ee7841648c31f324866a7ff7~mv2.png, initial-scale=1 Website Builder more about the course offerings and how the case based method is going to give your child the edge in the world. | Early Steps Academy more about the course offerings and how the case based method is going to give your child the edge in the world.,h_1654,al_c/d2bdf4_0e838ae2ffc5416ebfcbb0e84820d409~mv2.png

Meta Tags (http-equiv attribute)

Page URLNameContent

URL format10.0

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Domain agei

  • Sorry, we cannot check the domain age of .co websites.

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