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How accessible the website is to mobile and disabled users.

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How satisfying the website is likely to be for users.


How well marketed and popular the website is.


How well designed and built the website is.

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Nibbler tested a sample of 5 pages from this website at 12:38 AM on Jan 14, 2021 (GMT).

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Top priorities for website improvement

  • Check how the website looks using a mobile and a tablet. Consider adding mobile-only styling using media queries. Some websites employ other techniques for mobile visitors which we cannot currently detect. (read more)
  • To appear higher in search engine results, consider link building activity as a way to build your search ranking. Be careful though, because incoming links which are obviously artificial are likely to be detected by search engines and could have an adverse effect. (read more)
  • Sign up for a Twitter account and make sure it is linked to from your site. (read more)


This website does not appear to be associated with a Twitter account.

  • This website did not contain a link to Twitter.
    • Sign up for a Twitter account and make sure it is linked to from your site.


  • This website has not yet been ranked by Alexa.
    • If this website is new, this is probably normal. Drive traffic to the website to get an Alexa ranking.

Source: Alexa


20% of pages are optimized for printing

Media specific CSS detected

MediaMin widthMax widthCSS file


Mobile screenshot of petrovaves.skTablet screenshot of
  • None of this website appears to be optimized for viewing on a mobile or tablet (using CSS media queries). It is important to make sure your content is optimized for a wide range of devices as a growing percentage of web browsing is done on phones and tablets.
  • This website was found to use elements of Adobe Flash. Flash is commonly used to add interactivity or video to a website, but it can only be viewed on devices which have the Flash plugin. The Flash plugin is not available to many mobile phones and tablets so they cannot view Flash content. Additionally, web spiders like Google also have problems spidering Flash based content, so heavy use of Flash may not be good for SEO.
    • Consider the use of Flash carefully. Where possible, change elements made in Flash for HTML equivalents. If this is not possible, try and provide a Flash alternative.

Media specific CSS detected

URL format4.0

  • 3 URLs are particularly hard to type or remember.
    • Consider URL rewriting as an effective and transparent means of creating appropriate URLs. URLs using unusual characters (such as semi-colons or underscores), long numerals or complex phrasing are very difficult for real people to use or exchange. They also tend to be less favoured by search engines. Wherever possible ensure web addresses are 'human readable' - i.e. they should be easy to read, remember and type. In particular, avoid the use of obscure characters (including the underscore, which is not widely understood by non-technical users, or particularly memorable) and long numerals, e.g.
  • 3 URLs are 'dirty'. 'Dirty' URLs include one or more parameters after a question mark (e.g., instead of a clean URL (e.g. Dirty URLs should generally be avoided wherever possible - they are almost impossible for human beings to remember, may expose the technology of the website to hackers and can confuse search engines among other problems. Their use is sometimes necessary for specific applications, and acceptable in small amounts.
  • 3 URLs include a file extension.
    • Avoid use of file extensions wherever possible. File extensions appear at the end of web addresses, and have several negative effects. They make the address harder to remember or type (particularly for non-technical users), and can reveal the underlying technology of the website making it very slightly more vulnerable to hackers. They also tie the implementation of the website to a specific technology, which can make subsequent migration of URLs difficult. Consider URL rewriting as an effective and transparent means of creating appropriate URLs.
  • 120.0% of URLs include an ID query parameter (e.g.
    • Avoid use of any query parameter ending in id, e.g. 'sessionid;' Google explicitly states that it will not include pages with this format in their index. Consider URL rewriting as an effective and transparent means of creating appropriate URLs.

Server behavior7.0

Yes404 page


  • This website handles missing pages correctly by sending a 404 HTTP status code.
  • This website was served with GZIP encoding. This is very good because it reduces the loading time of a web page.
  • 2 of the pages of this website follow the best practice of using a permanent (HTTP 301) redirect between URLs with/without trailing slashes. These pages are ideal.
  • 3 of the pages of this website return page content with or without a trailing slash on their URLs. Search engines might see these as separate pages with duplicate content which they could penalize for.
  • There is duplicate content on and This is bad, as technically they are classed as two different websites. Search engines may lower a website's rank if they find the same content on two different URLs.
    • Choose one domain that you would like to use and then set a permanent (HTTP 301) redirect to forward users who visit the other.


80% of pages use analytics

Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics

  • 80.0% of this website is using Google Analytics but 1 pages have no analytics. It is still possible to gather a great deal of information for the other 1 of pages from webserver logs, however complete visitor analysis requires client-side Javascript or an image not found here.
    • Consider adding your analytics solution to the pages which aren't currently monitored.
  • Note that this test can only detect recognised analytics solutions. If an analytics solution is new, obscure or used in a non-standard way (e.g. it has been customised) it may not be detected.

Amount of content8.2

Rendering Chart...

  • This website has an average of 444 words per page. The amount of content on a website has been shown to correlate with its search engine ranking.
    • Consider the amount of text on this website and increase it if appropriate.


13% of images have a clearly defined size

6 images are being resized by the browser

Page titles10.0

100% of pages have defined titles

0% of page titles are weak

  • All pages were found to use page titles appropriately. Page titles appear in search results and at the top of the browser's window when visiting the site. Appropriate page titles are particularly important for search engine optimization.


autobusovej celoplo chocov cirkev dopravy download fotogal funkci hist inform jednota klub kolo kolstvo kult mari mikul nici novinky obce obec obmedzenie odpadu ostatn petrova pozv pravka predsa propaga rady sekcii starosta stvo sviatkov testovania testovaniu triedenie viac viano videa video vitajte vodn vody zaregistruj

  • All pages were found to use defined headings. This is excellent as it allows visitors and search engines to summarize the content of webpages quickly. Correctly defined headings aid accessibility and are particularly important for search engine optimization.

Page headings detail

URLHeadingLevel VESH1 predsa príde Mikuláš...H2ánka OZH2 odpadu počas vianočných sviatkovH2 celoplošného testovaniaH2ácie k celoplošnému testovaniuH2 autobusovej dopravyH2  obce P e t r o v a    V e sH3 Ves - fotogaléria - Vitajte!H1 sa a využívaj viac funkcií (propagačné video v sekcii download - rady a návody)H1Úvodná stránkaH2 Petrova VesH3úrny klubH3ŠK Petrova VesH3óriaH3ŠkolstvoH3ášniciH3 Petrova VesH3ľovnícke zdr. P. VesH3Únia žien a Jednota dôchocovH3éH3 VESH1 mužstvo 2014/2015H2 VESH1ípravka 2014/2015H2 VESH1 mužstvo 2013/2014H2

Meta tags10.0

This is how this website will look in Google search listings:

Vitajte na stránke obce Petrova Ves

Petrova Ves

  • All pages were found to include a meta description. This is good because search engines (like Google) show this text in search result pages.

Meta Tags (name attribute)

Page URLNameContent, followáhorie, gbely, Petrova Ves, Letničie, Skalica, Senica, Holíč, Hodonín Ves! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management (aka PWG), seeÚvodná stránka, followáhorie, gbely, Petrova Ves, Letničie, Skalica, Senica, Holíč, Hodonín mužstvo 2014/2015 Ves! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management, followáhorie, gbely, Petrova Ves, Letničie, Skalica, Senica, Holíč, Hodonínípravka 2014/2015 Ves! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management, followáhorie, gbely, Petrova Ves, Letničie, Skalica, Senica, Holíč, Hodonín mužstvo 2013/2014 Ves! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management

Meta Tags (http-equiv attribute)

Page URLNameContent; charset=utf-8; charset=utf-8; charset=utf-8; charset=utf-8; charset=utf-8


Last updated November 8, 2020

  • It looks like this website was last updated on Sunday, November 8, 2020. This is good because visitors perceive up-to-date websites as more credible. Websites that are updated regularly are also spidered by search engines more often.
  • To find this information we used the last modified dates reported by this website's server in addition to looking for dates written on each page.

Domain agei

  • Sorry, we cannot check the domain age of .sk websites.

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