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Page URLNameContent,initial-scale=1 The Truth Is Out There...When Will We Be Told?, follow, initial-scale=1 The Truth Is Out There...When Will We Be Told?, follow, initial-scale=1 The Truth Is Out There...When Will We Be Told?, follow, initial-scale=1 The Truth Is Out There...When Will We Be Told?, follow, initial-scale=1

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Page URLNameContent,chrome=1; charset=utf-8; charset=windows-1252; charset=windows-1252; charset=windows-1252


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Google Analytics

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abducted abduction abductions additions after again airline alien amazing base being black block case close contact craft crash date directories directory document don't during encounter encounters entities entity eyed family force fort green have helicopter hill home incident lake like missing naval north over pages physical pilot pilots possible pregnant project recent robert sees sighting sightings stories story strange they time ufos visitors washington west while woman won't year young

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URLHeadingLevel LightsCrashOriginalsH1<![CDATA[ var date = document.lastModified; document.write("Last Modified: "+date); //]]> | Home | About Us | Directory of Directories | Recent Additions | Top 10 Pages | Stories | var sc_project=12253048; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_security="2d178315"; var sc_https=1;H1 Eyed KidsGovernment ProjectsRecent AdditionsHaunted Or ScaryLegendsShort ArticlesH1<![CDATA[ var date = document.lastModified; document.write("Last Modified: "+date); //]]> | Home | About Us | Directory of Directories | Recent Additions | Top 10 Pages | Stories | var sc_project=12253048; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_security="2d178315"; var sc_https=1;H1 PDF FilesShadow BeingsMemory LaneH1 us take you to a place maybe you have never been before? CLICK For A Random Page.H2| Home | About Us | Directory of Directories | Recent Additions | Top 10 Pages | Stories |H3 ReadH1 October 30, 2018H2 are back, after a medical episode, and a few disputes with web hosts. That is the reason we had to change URLs. Give us time to regroup, there is a lot of work that needs to be done on over 2500 pages. And again, I have to find images for everything. If it's a visitor submitted story, it will go up. We get dinged pretty hard in search engine ratings because we are not linked to FaceBook, Twitter, Pintrest and so forth. Again, we are not here to make money, I don't give a shit about FaceBook, and don't understand how we can be penalized simply because we don't link. It's almost like being forced to link. We'll take the hit. A small percentage of visitors, Amazon is really good for this, they have an infinite number of IP's, but I block them anyway...just in spite, feel the need to block their location or what they are viewing. We use that to see what interests visitors, and what doesn't. We use it to find where the bulk of our visitors come from. If you feel the need to block information, I won't have a problem blocking your IP address, fair is fair in my eyes. I will still sleep soundly, I don't use advertising, so I won't lose any money. Don't go whinning like a 6 year old if blocked. End of story.H3| Home | About Us | Directory of Directories | Recent Additions | Top 10 Pages | Stories | Links |H3 terms alien abduction or abduction phenomenon describe subjectively real memories of being taken secretly against one's will by apparently nonhuman entities & subjected to complex physical & psychological procedures. People claiming to have been abducted are usually called abductees or experiencers.H3 Year Old Girl AbductedH3 Strange Looking Entities Abduct Young ManH3 Fife IncidentH3 AbductionsH3 Strange But Very Real FactH3 In LehiH3 While Hanging Out WashingH3, Then Returned, While SleepingH3 & Mind ControlH3 By Aliens: Twins Tell Their StoriesH3 By The SepteloidsH3 In Germany Of Pregnant WomanH3 In WhitehorseH3 In North WalesH3 In WacoH3 Of Jason AndrewsH3 Of Joyce UpdikeH3 Of Myrna HansenH3 On North Canol RoadH3 Of Air Force Sergeant MoodyH3 Somewhere Between Columbus & MansfieldH3 Godfrey AbductionH3 & Alex's AbductionH3 Burtoo AbductionH3 AbductionsH3 Rylance AbductionH3 AffairH3 Villas Boas AbductionH3 AbductionH3 & Betty Hill AbductionH3 AbductionsH3 Herrmann AbductionH3 Alien Abduction In JapanH3 Jean Hamilton AbductionH3 Bridge AbductionH3 Ledge AbductionH3 AbductionH3 Higdon AbductionH3 Moore AbductionH3 of USAF Sgt. Jonathan P. LovetteH3 Abduction & Mental/Visual EncountersH3 Tilton AbductionH3 Grove Abduction AttemptH3 Abducted In BrazilH3 Arm&o Valdes 5 Day SagaH3 AbductionH3 Farm CaseH3 M. Stoner AbductionH3 Llanca AbductionH3 AbductionH3 Alien Encounter, Near AbductionH3 Declares UFO AbductionH3 Abducted In Washington State WildernessH3 Of Many Alien HybridsH3 Versacci's Abduction & EncounterH3 Irwin Alien AbductionH3 Askew Alien AbductionH3 Cove Springs AbductionH3 Turner IncidentH3 Schirmer AbductionH3 AbductionH3 Alien Abduction Of Corina SaebelsH3 Am KarenH3 AbductionH3 With The AliensH3 Murphys Alien Abduction & SeductionH3 Day Family Abduction & Missing TimeH3 Mann Family AbductionH3 Antonio Da Silva AbductionH3 Cahill Alien AbductionH3 Florence AbductionH3 Tenney AbductionsH3 Haul Truckers Wife Abducted?H3 Nikolayevna Smirnova EncounterH3 Jones Abduction In DidsburyH3 The Woman From VenusH3's AbductionH3 RobbedH3 Zhaoguo AbductionH3 Maneuver AbductionH3 &Daughter Abducted While Walking To WorkH3 Incidents Still Occurring - Part 2H3 Dog & Myself Were AbductedH3 CaseH3, Mississippi AbductionsH3 Khoury AbductionH3 H. Krapf's Abduction By The VerdantsH3 Alien Abduction In Lake Geneva, WisconsinH3 AbductionH3 Family AbductionsH3 Abductions Since ChildhoodH3 Matthews Abduction & Missing TimeH3 Taylor AbductionH3 AbductionH3 Woman Abducted By CraftH3 Beamed Us UpH3 Kurz AbductionH3 AbductionH3 Meets His DoppelgängerH3 UFO AbductionsH3 Case Of TascaH3 AbductionH3 Dawson AbductionH3 Walton AbductionH3 Canyon AbductionsH3 Abduction Of Airman & His FamilyH3 Abduction ScenarioH3 AbductionsH3 Hoovering...H3 Recounts Her Abduction At Age 12H3 Taken Aboard UFO UnwillinglyH3 Won't Remember ThisH3 Alien AbductionsH3| Home | About Us | Directory of Directories | Recent Additions | Top 10 Pages | Stories |H3 archive is an accumulation of historical records or the physical place they are located. Archives contain primary source documents that have accumulated over the course of an individual or organization's lifetime, and are kept to show the function of that person or organization.H3 Tropical AbucdtionsH3 Fishermen See...A Flying Submarine?H3 Young Friends See UFOH3 Sightings Of UFOsH3 Strange PhenomenonH3 HospitalH3 Starship AthenaH3 Helicopter Escorts UFOH3 Of Navy Blimp L-8H3 Of Children Linked To UFO ActivityH3 EncounterH3 AssailantH3 Car Crash Is Blamed On A UFOH3 Club Frightening Encounter In New YorkH3 22H3 Marden (On The Hill Abduction)H3 Mirror...H3 On EarthH3 Sees UFO & OccupantsH3 Wasn't A India Rubber BalloonH3 Tombaugh UFO SightingH3 Circles Empire State BuildingH3 Picks Up Car And Drops 180' AwayH3 States National Radio Quiet ZoneH3 Blame UFO for India AttacksH3| Home | About Us | Directory of Directories | Recent Additions | Top 10 Pages | Stories |H3 of Encounters: Defined as a meeting, especially one that is unplanned, unexpected, or brief.H2 Men In GrayH3 UFOs Travelling TogetherH3 Women Encounter Alien EntitiesH3 UFOs Escort a Mexican Piper PA-24H3 Strange BeingsH3 Strange Looking Entities Abduct Young ManH3 Year Old's EncounterH3 Hour UFO EncounterH3 Fife IncidentH3 Dashing ShadowH3 In LehiH3 40 Years Woman Vividly Recalls Terrifying EncounterH3 Force Plane Encounters UFOH3 EncountersH3 Had Narrow Miss With UFOH3 Pilot Sees Object Over LakeMichiganH3 Abduction in TuscanyH3 Craft Encounter Over Ft Monmouth New JerseyH3 Encounter at Varese, ItalyH3 Entity Shot By HunterH3 UFO Stops for Repairs in Sasketchwan, CanadaH3 IncidentH3 AFB EncounterH3 SightingsH3 A MallH3 Attack On Fort ItaipuH3 by a Glowing Green FigureH3 Heath EncounterH3 Spotted On Naval Air StationH3 Headlight BeamsH3 RAF IncedentH3 UFO EncounterH3 Eyed Kids in OhioH3 in ElevatorH3 Eyed VampireH3 Cloud Like SphereH3 FlashH3 Reef CaseH3 Air Force Pilot Checks Out UFOH3 Nelson EncounterH3 EncounterH3 Naval Officer Has Close Encounter In Hawaiian WatersH3 Bang Hydroelectric ProjectH3 & Anita JimenezH3 Diaz StoryH3 (Guardian) IncidentH3 - Landrum EncounterH3 M. Tenny EncounterH3 Jet Encounters UFOH3 Villanueva EncounterH3 Encounter In ConnecticutH3 Encounter In New YorkH3 Encounter In Wayne, New JerseyH3 Encounter Of CussacH3 Encounters Of The 5th KindH3 Encounter Over Niagara FallsH3 Guard Encounters UFOsH3 Island UFO EncounterH3 To The TouchH3 Plane Follows UFOH3 In Eastern EuropeH3 Abducted In BrazilH3 Woods EncounterH3 Helicopter IncidentH3 Armando Valdes 5 Day SagaH3 And Tall Being ObservedH3 Creek WildmanH3 Rio UFO CrashH3 Alien Craft EncounterH3 DevilH3 Kary Mullis's EncounterH3 Pass IncidentH3 River Close EncounterH3 Bournbrook EncounterH3 Air Force Base UFO IncidentH3's 'Close Encounter' at Holloman AFBH3 Alleges UFO AbductionH3 Klarer ContactsH3 AFB UFOH3 CaseH3 and Possible Abduction In West Orange, NJH3 At Beverly, MAH3 at Lake Augustin, WIH3 At Westall High SchoolH3 During Family PicnicH3 During Hunting TripH3 During RecessH3 Revealed After Almost 40 YearsH3 That Was Only The BeginningH3 Collecting SamplesH3 in BedroomH3 Rios, Argentina EncounterH3 EncounterH3 UFO Encounter in AustraliaH3 Close EncounterH3 UFO/Aircraft EncounterH3 Fire DemonH3 Pilots Amazing EncountersH3 Cardenas Encounter & AbductionH3 Caponi EncounterH3 MIB Report?H3 Entities ObservedH3 Scoutmaster EncounterH3 Me To...H3 ManH3 Yugoslavian Army Fighter Pilots Amazing Alien Craft EncountersH3 Nichols Airship EncounterH3 Bay UFO IncidentH3 Carlsson EncounterH3 Alien Shot And Killed At USAF BaseH3 Entities Sighted On Numerous Occasions On Same Farm Since The 1850'sH3 Meets The DevilH3 Bentham IncidentH3 UFO IncidentH3 IncidentH3 Alien Abduction Of Corina SaebelsH3 Menger & Connie Baxter WeberH3 With Glowing BeltsH3 Remember We Weren't ScaredH3 Comes ColdH3 Called To Me...And I AnsweredH3 At Fort Benning GAH3 At Jacko LakeH3 Police Helicopter EncounterH3 Airline Encounters UFO Over AlaskaH3 Alvorada AffairH3 Carter UFO IncidentH3 Missouri UFOH3, Japan UFO EncountersH3 IncidentH3 AFB EncounterH3 Highway UFO EncounterH3 Elmo UFO EncounterH3 Ridge UFO IncidentH3 Tenney AbductionsH3 Raven Dam IncidentH3 Ma! No HandsH3 Zamora IncidentH3 AFB Nuclear Weapons Storage IntrusionH3äki EncounterH3 Nikolayevna Smirnova EncounterH3 Morel EncounterH3 Encounters MIBH3 Air Force Encounter With A UFO In AlaskaH3 AFB UFO/Missile IncidentH3 Sees UFO With EntitiesH3 UFO IncidentH3 UFO EncounterH3, France SightingsH3 UFO ReportH3 Puddy's Unusual Close EncounterH3 UFO IncidentH3's AbductionH3 Terrified by Object Inside A Smoke RingH3's Contact Radio PersonalityH3 EncounterH3 Parent & EncounterH3 Bridge UFO Incident On The A5H3 EncounterH3 Beautiful ExperienceH3 Hollins UFO/MIB EncounterH3 Brown's Alien InteractionsH3 Incident (at Exeter)H3 Over the HighwayH3 Aviators Encounter UFOH3 Boyanay's Long Term Relationship With An AlienH3 Brunswick EncounterH3 Jersey Close EncounterH3 Searchlight UFO IncidentH3 Plant UFO EncounterH3 Follow An Air Force Rocket After LaunchH3, Two and ThreeH3 Week Visit by Huge Saucer Over Korea At The 38th ParallelH3 Kentucky UFO Train CollisionH3 Boat PCF-12 DestroyedH3 Encounters UFOH3 Park Bowling Green ApparitionH3 Sees UFO In HimalayasH3 II IncidentH3 Alien Encounter In ShrewsburyH3 Encountered an Enormous Cone Shaped UFOH3 Fires on UFO in Only Documented CaseH3 Del Rey EncounterH3 Close EncounterH3 Helicopter & UFO Have Dogfight Over KentuckyH3 Woman Encounters InsectoidsH3 Heights EncounterH3 Bentwaters UFO EncounterH3 Tornado Encounters UFOH3 UFO EncounterH3 Bluff IncidentH3 Forest UFO IncidentH3 Martin EncounterH3 River UFO EncounterH3 McAllister IncidentH3 SightingH3 & UFOsH3 Lodge IncidentH3 Pregnant WomanH3 Version Of Violent ET Encounter from KGBH3 EncounterH3 Alien EncounterH3 Fury IncidentH3 Harbor EncounterH3 Fickett's Interview With Dr. HopkinsH3 Greenfield EncounterH3 BEK EncountersH3 at Chimney RockH3 Hill CaseH3 Encounter HumanoidH3 Fleet Of UFOsH3 Reports 1990 Alien Encounter At Fort RuckerH3 Close Encounter In CyprusH3 BabyH3 Airspace (Radar) VisualH3 Soldiers Shoot At EntityH3 Of Diamond IslandH3 By A Young GirlH3 Heeled JackH3 George Multiple Witnesses SightingH3 Petersburg IncidentH3 Michalak EncounterH3 Disappearance Of Granger TaylorH3 Of The HMAS HobartH3 By Light Beam In OuluH3 Pilot and Instructor Spot UFOH3 BrownH3 UFO IncidentH3 They are Again!H3 Came From The North PoleH3 Came Into My RoomH3 MIB EncounterH3 Visitation IncidentH3 UFO IncidentH3 Drivers Amazing Alien EncounterH3 County UFO IncidentH3 Bethurum EncounterH3 UFO Reports In MassachusettsH3 Commercial Pilots Had a Close Encounter With A Possible UFO Over ArizonaH3 Wartena Contact CaseH3 Encounter From 18th Century FranceH3 Hovered Near Missile Launch Control CenterH3 Landing In West PittsburgH3 Landing Navajo Nation, AZH3 Seen From US Navy ShipH3 On Collision Course With Private PlaneH3 During The Vietnam WarH3 School Teacher Observes UFOH3 Tracked Off Of Norway CoastH3 Abraham Lincoln UFO EncounterH3 Franklin D. RooseveltH3 Tuscaloosa (LST-1187) Encounters UFO At SeaH3 Williamson EncounterH3 Johnson UFO IncidentH3 UFO EncounterH3 UFO IncidentH3 Encounters Through My LifeH3 Close Encounter With C&O TrainH3 Pilot Encounters UFO With PortholesH3 Cong AttackedH3 Santina CaseH3! Private Property - Trespassers Will Be TerrifiedH3 Air Force Base IncidentH3, D.C. Jet ChaseH3 D.C. UFO IncidentH3 Roswell IncidentH3 Freugh IncidentH3 Malling RAF UFO IncidentH3 Hoovering...H3 WomanH3 Bosak EncounterH3 Grove Close EncounterH3 And Niece Observe EntitiesH3 Boys Brief EncounterH3 Alien AbductionsH3| Home | About Us | Directory of Directories | Recent Additions | Top 10 Pages | Stories |H3


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