Facebook page

This test checks if an organisation has a Facebook page.

Why do we test for this?

The amount of activity about a website on Facebook, and other forms of social media, is a major factor in how well a website is marketed. A Facebook page is a great way to encourage activity about your site on Facebook.

How do we test for this?

While testing the website, we scan all pages for links to Facebook pages. For each of the Facebook pages we find, we find out the number of likes.

In order to determine if any of the Facebook pages that have been found are related to the website, we check the information section of the Facebook page to see if the website being tested is listed.

What can I do about it?

Create a company Facebook page for the organisation & make regular posts. If there is a Facebook page but this test is unable to detect it:


Why can't you find my Facebook page?

At the moment, we can only detect a Facebook page if it is linked to from the business website.

My Facebook page is linked correctly but you still can't find it?

We can only find public Facebook business pages. If a page is private or only accessible from a certain region then we won't be able to find it. We are also unable to analyse other types of Facebook accounts, like personal profiles and groups.

Can I input the Facebook page URL myself to the report?

Yes you can add this yourself from the social account settings.

Score calculation


This business has a Facebook page with more than 1,000 likes.


This business has a Facebook page with less than 1,000 likes.


This business has a Facebook page with zero likes.


This business does not have a Facebook page (or we could not detect it).

This analysis is scored on a curve - an increase in likes has a much greater effect on a page with a small number of likes.